Annual Report 2012

Cover Geschäftsbericht 2012

2012 was a quite extraordinary year for us. The fiftieth year in our company’s history was full of measurable, tangible highlights – the highest monthly turnover of all time, the 3.000th employee, record participation in trade shows and the largest HANSA-FLEX football tournament ever.

In domestic business, HANSA-FLEX posted a very good result with a record turnover of well over 233 million euro. However, due to investments in increasing capacity, new production facilities and many new hires the profit margin was more than two percentage points below the level of 2011.

Abroad, with turnover of about 136 million euro, we again succeeded in surpassing last year’s performance by a wide margin, and continued our expansion. With 14 new branches, of which seven were established in Germany, we met our global expansion goals for 2012. We also increased material availability markedly, made great advances in promoting the HANSA-FLEX standard, and completed all international SAP rollouts according to schedule. The successful implementation of the environmental management standard ISO 14001 has entrenched environmental awareness even more firmly throughout the company.

We thank our customers and business partners for their trust, and our employees for their amazing dedication. All of you have been directly responsible for making this 50th anniversary year spectacularly successful for HANSA-FLEX.

We warmly invite you to embark upon the next 50 years together with us!