HANSA-FLEX on the Werder team

Logo Werder Team 11

Football is a national sport. It brings together people and cultures. As a Team-11 sponsor, HANSA-FLEX supports one of the German football league's most popular teams – SV Werder Bremen. As a global organisation with its roots in Bremen, commitment to HANSA-FLEX at Bremen's top club is a point of honour.


In addition to perimeter advertising, HANSA-FLEX advertisements are shown on the video wall during every Werder home game.

More than 600,000 football fans watch the four-times German champions' home games each season. TV coverage of the German premier league reaches a total of more than 16.5 billion people each year. The local connection, the high degree of awareness and, not least, the attraction of the way SV Werder Bremen plays make the club a perfect advertising vehicle for HANSA-FLEX.


CEO Thomas Armerding sees a further parallel: "The same applies to the internal structures of our medium-size, family-run business as to a sports club: regardless of growth and triumphs, the family feel should be maintained because what is the point of success and esteem if you you're not enjoying the whole thing any more?"

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European handball championship spectacle


On Sunday 15 January, the  European handball championship kicks off in Serbia. For two weeks, 16 national teams will battle it out for the European handball crown. With them will be HANSA-FLEX AG.


With large floor stickers on the playing fields where more than 40 team encounters will take place, the system partner for hydraulics has brought about an effective form of advertising sponsorship.


During the European championship in Serbia, more than 200,000 spectators are expected to watch the games live in the stadium. TV coverage will reach several million spectators across the whole world. All the tickets for the German team's qualifying rounds were sold out weeks ago.


Handball is currently one of the most popular forms of team sport in Eastern Europe. Through sponsorship of the European championship in Serbia, HANSA-FLEX expects a further increase in the level of awareness in Germany and the European foreign organisations.

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A dynamic duo

ERC Ingolstadt

HANSA-FLEX has for many years sponsored various forms of sport. And in the 50th year since the company was founded, we are delighted to be supporting ERC Ingolstadt. This season again sees HANSA-FLEX perimeter advertising at the home arena of the German ice hockey league players.

In the world's fastest team sport, dynamics and endurance are just as important as the perfect interplay between every team member and technical finesse. It is these virtues that delight followers of the 2005 cup winning team which currently sits third in the league table - as well as HANSA-FLEX AG customers.

Each season, 150,000 spectators watch the Panthers' home games live at the stadium. More than 50 million spectators follow TV coverage of the German premier ice hockey league. This makes ice hockey one of the up-and-coming forms of sport in Germany – there seems to be no end to its growth.

In the ten years since the sport started to develop, ERC Ingolstadt has established itself as a major fixture in the German premier ice hockey league and as such a perfect advertising partner for HANSA-FLEX AG. We too work up a sweat at every game on the path to success.

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